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Welcome to my web site, I am Paul R. Atkins Gunsmith. (Photo top left.) I offer a personal service to my customers, taking time and interest in their needs. I have also associations with other like minded professional specialists  to get the very best service for my  customers. The service provided and the work done is based on a simple principal. I believe my service should be  polite and friendly, offering unbiased sound professional advice, and value for money. I will always provide sound honest advice on the selection of firearms in relation to type, size, gun fit and cost, particularly to the novice with no experience. Basically provide the service I  would like to receive if I were the customer.

As well as selling firearms and accessories, I will repair, alter and service  all types of firearms. I  will  be  competitive in sales and offer the

best price I can on firearms, ammunition and accessories.  I want to provide my customers a with the old fashioned gunsmith service that used to be in every market town. I believe it is not just about sales but the  after care. I also have 50 years plus of shooting and hunting experience and will advise the complete novice or the more experienced shooter.

I have a Further Education Teaching Certificate and am a Fellow of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors and enjoy teaching the absolute beginner. I am particularly interested in people who have learned to shoot and then suddenly find they have problems in hitting the birds or clays. It is important to remember that each one of us is an individual and needs to be taught as such.

I also have worked with people who are disabled and need to shoot from a wheel chair. Again very individual training will be required depending on disability.

If you wish to call in and ask for some advice,  discuss a problem you may have, get a quote for a repair, valuation for sale, insurance or probate, I will be pleased to assist in any way I can. However, it is always best to telephone for an appointment first as I do get very busy at times and travel all over the country.

If I can assist you, I always will and my Motto is:-

No Problem is too small, if you have a problem, give me a call


Contact Details

Home Address is:- Restholme Littleton Somerton Somerset England TA11 6NT

E-mail :-

Workshop Telephone Number is:- 01458 273520 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Shop and workshop Telephone Number :- 01404 891867 Thursday and Friday.

Please note: There is an answer phone on these numbers, so always leave a message, just in case he is not in, working on a machine or something that needs his total concentration.